Bretani 16 oz. Stainless Steel Coffee Canister & Scoop Set – Medium Airtight Kitchen Storage Container for Storing Beans & Grounds – Dark Gray

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  • SET INCLUDES: Bretani (16 oz.) Coffee Canister, 1/8 cup Measuring Scoop and 3 Extra CO2 Filters
  • MODERN, STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN: Bretani’s coffee canisters are the ultimate storage solution to properly store your coffee. Crafted of non-reactive, high quality stainless steel, displays attractively on your kitchen counter.
  • COFFEE LASTS LONGER, WICOVALVE TECHNOLOGY: The avid coffee lover knows that good coffee is an investment. Never sacrifice the freshness of your grounds and beans again. Bretani’s coffee canisters are equipped with a unique one-way filter. This filter has been designed to protect your roasted coffee from exposure to oxygen, moisture, and light.
  • AIRTIGHT LID, EASY-SEAL BAIL CLIP: Featuring an airtight sealed lid specially designed to protect the aroma, flavor and taste of your favorite coffee blends. Maintain maximum freshness using the easy-seal bail clip. Quickly and effortlessly open and secure the container limiting light and moisture from entering.
  • FRESHNESS TRACKER, CALENDAR WHEEL: Take the guess work out of storing your coffee and maintaining its freshness. Our Bretani coffee canisters include a date tracking calendar wheel integrated in the lid. Use this adjustable calendar to set the date you roasted or stored your coffee so you always know the expiration date.

Get ready to experience the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. Storing coffee correctly minimizes aroma and flavor loss. The key to maximizing freshness is protecting your coffee grounds and beans against unwanted exposure to moisture, light, and air. Bretani’s coffee storage canister does just that! Designed with a tightly sealed lid and crafted from premium stainless steel. Light and moisture are blocked, locking in freshness and extending the shelf life of your favorite roasted blends.

Bretani’s coffee canisters are designed with an innovative, WICOVALVE one-way filter. This unique filter valve allows CO2 gas to be slowly released and at the same time, blocks oxygen from entering, keeping your stored coffee fresh. Properly storing your coffee grounds and beans protects them from going stale prematurely.

Featuring a sleek, modern stainless steel design, our Bretani coffee canister can be displayed on a countertop or tucked away in a cabinet or pantry. It is not a good idea to store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, as this will create too much moisture, destroying the flavor and aroma of your coffee grounds and beans. Keep track of your coffee purchase or expiry date with the canister s convenient, built-in date tracking calendar wheel. Simply select the date and never worry about the freshness of your roasted blends.

At Bretani, we are passionate about all things coffee. We proudly offer luxury coffee products and accessories to help you brew the perfect cup. We are dedicated to providing exceptional quality products every fellow coffee connoisseur desires.

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