Bretani Manual Coffee Grinder – Brushed Stainless Steel with Adjustable Whole Bean Conical Burr Mill for Drip Coffee, Espresso, French Press, Turkish Brew

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  • SET INCLUDES: Bretani Manual Coffee Grinder, Grinder Cleaning Brush and Travel Bag
  • 18 ADJUSTABLE GRIND SETTINGS: The built-in adjustable grind selector features 18 grind settings, allowing you complete control over the fineness or coarseness of your coffee grounds. Easily adjust with only a few clicks to find your perfect grind setting. Enjoy any brew style from Turkish to French Press. Bretani includes a chart of popular grind settings with every grinder.
  • MODERN DESIGN: Designed with a slim profile in premium stainless steel with an elegant brushed finish. Bretani’s manual grinder features an expertly crafted ceramic burr, guaranteed to last longer than inferior grinders with stainless steel blades. The hand crank is removable for easy storage inside the included velvet travel bag.
  • GRIND ON-THE-GO: Enjoy coffee on-the-go with Bretani’s durable and portable manual coffee grinder. Our coffee grinder is ideal for home, work, travel, camping, hiking and more. This handy grinder doesn’t require batteries, power or long cords to operate. You no longer will have to sacrifice a fresh cup of your favorite brew while you are away from home.
  • QUIET, SMOOTH GRINDING: The removable hand crank mechanism has been thoughtfully designed to reduce noise, up to 90%, versus other electric coffee grinders. Grind quietly at home while everyone is asleep, or at your desk in the office without disturbing any co-workers.

Enjoy the fragrant aroma and exquisite taste of coffee anytime, anywhere using Bretani’s portable manual coffee grinder. For the freshest grounds, grind your beans just before brewing. Coffee beans begin to lose their aroma and essential oils within minutes of grinding. Bretani’s manual coffee grinder allows you to conveniently grind your coffee beans as you need them. Making delicious coffee from freshly ground beans is now possible from home, work and on-the-go.

With 18 adjustable grind settings, Bretani’s coffee grinder offers precise control of how fine or coarse you desire your grinds. Our grinder is easily adjustable with only a few clicks. Achieve the perfect grind setting for the perfect brew. Adjust from fine grinds for espresso and Turkish brews, to coarse grinds for French press or cold brew.

Designed with quiet in mind, never again disturb your family or co-workers when grinding coffee beans. Bretani’s manual coffee grinder has been crafted to reduce noise, up to 90%, versus other electric coffee grinders. The removable hand crank mechanism allows the slim profile of our coffee grinder to be conveniently packed in the included travel bag. Take your coffee beans on the go for when you want the perfect cup while working, traveling, camping or out for a morning hike.

For your added convenience, we have included a stiff bristle grinder brush. Bretani’s grinder brush is the perfect accessory to your grinder for removing leftover grounds without damaging your grinder. The Bretani coffee grinder collection has been expertly designed for your grinding enjoyment for years to come.

At Bretani, we are passionate about all things coffee. We proudly offer luxury coffee products and accessories to help you brew the perfect cup. We are dedicated to providing exceptional quality products every fellow coffee connoisseur desires.

Helpful Tips:
Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners or sponges when cleaning your grinder. Warm soapy water is all that you need. Be careful of any sharp edges on the ceramic burr and stainless steel. While grinding, if coffee gets stuck in the burr, do not continue to grind. Instead, remove contents affecting your grinding experience. Forcing grinder will cause damage to the ceramic burr.

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